Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Pastel clouds of smoke.

I Love the contrast between the two images as the first one takes a romanticized , more pastel effect with the soft hues of pink, and the soft surroundings. However, Rhea Theirstein has styled the second image to contrast the colours to the first image by creating a brash yellow cloud of smoke parallel to the bright green shade of the grass.

The styling is also a fantastic contrast; between the brightly coloured albeit borderline tacky-chic parrot in the second image, as opposed to the soft, vintage inspired stripy pastel umbrella in the first.
Although several contrasts can be drawn from the two images; both models are wearing striped couture, and standing by the french armoire inspired white fireplace. This creates a sense of consistency throughout the editorial, yet also creating a strong visual contrast.

Set Designer : Rhea Thierstein
Photographer : Tim Walker
British Vogue

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